Screen name: cristoayre

Name: Chris Brown

Web page:

I've developed PERL several scripts that run my various sites, as well as stand alone server based scripts. I have published 1x ebook, 1x Kindle and 1x physical book. (No sales from any of them!) Now working on a book that explains how to build and run a photo booth, as well as other photo ventures such as event photography and school photography. I'm now 'adapting' Cardbox to create a new system for school photographers, based around ideas from "Snapizzi" and "Zenfolio".

Oh, and I've also set up ad directories for my local town, and one for people getting married in UK. I'm also setting up a shop for selling "Wikaniko" goods directly.

And in my spare time, I build projects for my video work. (Currently working on a 5mtr crane with motorised head)