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Importing from Medline etc

Is anyone using Cardbox to store downloaded abstracts from online services?

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10-Feb-2006 11:44

A classic application for Cardbox is the storage of abstracts downloaded from online services such as Medline. Traditionally, people have had to download the abstracts, manipulate the file format to make it suitable for Cardbox, and then import the data.

With Cardbox 3.0 it is possible to get a macro to streamline the process by handling all the necessary translations, and we'd like to put up some web pages with sample macros for doing this.

We would like to hear from those of you who are already downloading abstracts and putting them into Cardbox - or who would like to be able to do it but don't know where to start. The more we know about what online services you are using, and what format their data arrive in, the more useful our sample macros and web pages will be. So please let us know!

Kim Hook

13-Feb-2006 21:27

I'd like to use Cardbox with ebay - one database for items I have sold, so I can start to see trends, understand customers, etc. It would be great if we could grab data from ebay so it doesn't have to be copied and pasted, or re-typed.

Is this similar to what you had in mind?


14-Feb-2006 09:59

We're already talking to one user about importing from Dialog/Datastar searches, but it would be interesting to hear from anyone who's using other online services.

Kim - it is technically possible to write a "screen-scraper" program that takes HTML data from a web page and extracts the relevant items into fields. It's not something that we would be looking to undertake ourselves, but there are certainly people who can do this. Alex Maines has, I know, done a lot of data extraction and conversion in the past: you can find his contact details in http://www.cardbox.com/support/training.htm. Would your Cardbox-for-eBay application be something that could be of general interest to many other eBay users? If so, then it might be quite an interesting project for you and Alex (or whoever) to undertake together.

Kim Hook

14-Feb-2006 10:16

Many thanks for this I will follow it up.

Paul Irvine

14-Feb-2006 12:30

eBay have a developers forum (http://developer.ebay.com) which may be of interest.
This may allow you to communicate via an API or web services with their services rather than trying to screen-scrap.

We are working on a similar system to validate postcode/addresses using web services. I'll keep the forum posted when this goes live.


15-Feb-2006 15:53

For Cardbox 1 & 2 IOTA (NL) developed conversion programs for our Dutch users to convert downloads from CAB, Medline, STN, DIALOG and SilverPlatter Agricola (CD).
I'll contact Martin outside this list to see if our "conversion engine" can be upgraded to work with Cardbox3

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