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cardbox in pocket pc

running cardbox3 on a pocket pc possible.

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12-Jan-2006 14:01

I would like to install cardbox 3 on my pocket pc, running windows mobile, who know how to install and run.

Thanks Ferdinand

Jim M

12-Jan-2006 17:41

No chance, but I did speak to someone about 9 months ago and they said they said they were giving it some thought!!
I would anticipate a lot of users would like the facility of carrying heir database around with them but the cardbox people are not exactly go getters. They do not really look at ways to expand their business.


12-Jan-2006 17:47

I am also keen on Cardbox for Pocket PC. Have you tried using over an ordinary mobile phone link anyway?


Jim M

12-Jan-2006 21:30

speak to the software company www.cardbox.com tell them what you want, the more people who confirm that the would welcome a PDA pocket pc version the more likely we will get one


13-Jan-2006 00:14

This is the reply I got back today from Cardbox (on this subject)
I thought I might share it with all!

To: "Iaian A B Buchanan" <iaian.b@easynet.co.uk>
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 10:00 AM
Subject: Re: Cardbox

Dear Iaian,

Unfortunately Cardbox does not run on Pocket PC and there are no plans to
develop a Pocket Cardbox.

Halik Kochanski
Cardbox Sales

At 22:51 11/01/2006, you wrote:
>I have been forced to migrate to Pocket PC and am in the process of
>converting over 50 databases from Psion v3 v5/7 and Access.
>I already have 20 Cardbox Databases, is there a Pocket Cardbox, or is
>there one in the offing?
>Yours aye,


13-Jan-2006 10:18

First of all I should make it clear that we're not simply being obstinate here. Microsoft's marketing tries to make you believe that a "Pocket PC" is some kind of a PC and "Windows Mobile" is some kind of Windows, but this is not true. The hardware is completely different and the operating system is different, often in arbitrary and semi-documented ways. Writing a Cardbox for the Pocket PC would be a larger and more complex project than it looks. Every feature would need to be revised and assessed, and every interaction with the operating system would need to be re-checked and re-tested. And Cardbox is a third of a million lines of program code...

Paul Irvine <pirvine@decodersoftware.co.uk> has done some work on a limited Cardbox client for the Pocket PC (to work with a Cardbox Server on a host PC or across the Internet). It may be that the interest shown in this thread will encourage him to develop it further. If such a client did become available then it would be relatively easier to expand it into a fully autonomous Cardbox for the Pocket PC.

Paul Irvine

16-Jan-2006 12:45

We have been writing a developers toolkit to allow Cardbox to be extended into other arenas including mobile and web technologies.

We are using Microsoft’s .Net technologies (C##) which are supposed to allow the developer to write a single set of code to run on different Windows based platforms, similar to Java. The mobile .Net framework is a subset of the Windows framework and lacks some of the advanced features required to build a mobile version of Cardbox. Microsoft has recently launched a new version of .Net, so there is hope.

We will keep people posted via the forum on our progress.

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