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Moving Cardbox to New Computer..

how to move program and data from one pc to a new one..

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5-Jan-2006 16:56

My installation disk is damaged, how can I transfer all my Cardbox stuff from my old to my new laptop? Is it possible to copy the Cardbox folder at C:\Cardbox to a disk and then paste it into the same location on my new computer??

I am using Version 2.0.



5-Jan-2006 17:20

I have managed to copy the folder over and the program seems to work fine now but now need to export/import the database info from the old pc to the new computer. I've had a look at the manual but I can't see an export or import function. Is there a simple way to achieve this??



6-Jan-2006 09:38

Anyone about???


6-Jan-2006 10:26

Copy entire programfolder on same location as your old pc
run after this the setup of last version of 2.0 which you can download on http://www.cardbox.com/downloading/other/cardbox2.htm#program
install all features in the 'restored folder'


6-Jan-2006 10:43


give me a call - 07966 454874 - I will help!!!


6-Jan-2006 13:38

Just copy the file names with fil and fmt extentions to your new computer


6-Jan-2006 15:18

Am on the case now, thanks...


R. Woodhouse

6-Jan-2006 23:34

I think there is another item that needs moving - the directories where Cardbox keeps the macros. I know I have a bad problem because for another reason I have more tan one database with identical names but in different directories and I got into bad trouble trying to keep the macros linked.


13-Jan-2006 10:14

Problem now sorted. The user (who I am asking for) sorted it out by following the advice here, thanks..


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