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winfax problem

winfax problem

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4-Jan-2006 20:43

i like to send faxes in cb30.
Carbox gives a macro (see help - index and type fax, click on using winfax. The macro "Send a batch of faxes, one per Cardbox record, each with its own mail-merged text".
when i run this macro it give the error. comment failed. the server returned an exception see line line 15 character 3. (this is translated from Dutch)

the macro send 1 fax then it stoppet.
Who knows this problem

Alex Maines

4-Jan-2006 22:31


Please post code of macro or forward it to me by email, alex DOT maines AT zoom.co.uk. I will take a look at the macro and see if I can determine the cause of the exception.



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