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Vertical browse bars within fields

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23-Nov-2005 11:30

I'm not sure if this can be done, so would appreciate advice from any one who knows or has tried.

I'm creating a Cardbox database, that is based on a printed directory that we produce every two years. The idea is that we will be able to update the information much more easily, and also have a way of electronically communicating this to the publishers of the printed edition.

In order to keep the database easily browseable, I've limited the size of these fields on the screen. Typing or pasting the data in, the field extends to the length required to accomodate the amount of text being entered. However, this is not obvious when looking at the field(s)in question.

My question is whether it's possible in any way to install a vertical browse bar within a field? This would then make it obvious to browsers that there is more data present than can be seen, and also make it easier for them to find it.

Apologies if I have overlooked the obvious.


23-Nov-2005 13:52

No, you have not overlooked anything. At present the only way of being certain that a field contains more data than will fit on the screen is to try scrolling it - for example, by moving the mouse over it and rolling the mouse wheel.

Vertical scroll bars within fields are a feature that quite a few people are asking for, and we are definitely looking at adding it to Cardbox at some point in the future. The change is quite intricate and it has to be done with great care, giving rational behaviour even in the extreme cases.

The other, less intrusive, option that is being looked at is some kind of "more data" indicator that would tell you that it is worth trying to scroll the field.

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