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Scanning with Cardbox

Can anyone recommend a good multi-sheet scanner they know works well with Cardbox?

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18-Nov-2005 16:45

Hi Folks,
We've been using a Canon DR-3020 multi-sheet scanner with some Canon software (Scanfile) for some years now, all without problem. We upgraded to Cardbox 3.0 and the same scanner has worked well with it for the last 8 months, but has recently started to cause some problems (only with cardbox - scanfile still works OK).

What it does is, instead of pausing between each sheet it takes the next sheet immediately and then jams with a message box saying, "Cut sheet feeder open!", you then click the OK box and get a second message, "CFM Twain32 4.24 could not transfer the image to Cardbox". After clicking the second OK box you go back to the cardbox image section and try again: sometimes it works properly and sometimes it jams up again and I can't find a link between any other actions and the problem.

I suspect it may either be a software bug / problem, but that is unlikley, or a mechanical problem with the scanner (it's a few years old now and the counter shows 219249 scanned pages (but it may have gone round the clock already - I'm not sure), all with only cleaning as maintenance, no replacement parts. I suspect a sheet divider / stopper may be worn or something like that.

My questions are: 1. Has anyone experienced and been able to fix such a problem? And if you did please could you let me know how!!
2. It looks like we may need to replace the scanner, if you use one, which works well? Black and white is fine for us but colour would be an advantage if possible. As it's for archiving / reference I'd err on the side of speed rather than quality.

Many thanks for your time.

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