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How do I get cardbox to add 6 months to a date already in a field, then input this to another field?

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7-Nov-2005 19:22

I have two fields, field 'a' contains a date (formatted in the normal way using Cardbox's validator, this data is inputted manually) and another, 'b' that I need to put a date into, this needs to be the date from field 'a' plus 6 months. The format in field 'b' doesn't need a day - just month and year is fine.

Can anyone help? I'm sure this isn't too difficult (except for me!)
I can add days to today's date using the line:


where b=field b and x=number of days, but I'm struggling with getting the data from field 'a' adding 6 months to it and then putting it into field 'b'.

Thanks, B.

Paul Irvine

8-Nov-2005 13:30


Takes the date from field 'a', adds 6 months and sets the field 'b' text


8-Nov-2005 14:33

Thanks very much - I was but a pair of brackets away (well, almost anyway)! Cheers, B.

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