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Help with head and detail design

Do someone know how to manage this trouble

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27-Oct-2005 18:17

I´m a new user of cardbox 3.0. I need to do a database for veterinaran control. In this I must to register the general data of cows (as a head) and some details like the date of appoinmet, the diagnostic and some comments about the cow. The number of appointmets doesn't have limit (it can be from 1 to unlimited)
Do someone have resolved this problem??

Thanks for your help


28-Oct-2005 06:57

Contact me initially on 07889 967646 and I will be happy to assist you in setting up a database.


28-Oct-2005 11:59


Thanks for your answer. I live in Ecuador and isn't easy to contact you by phone. Could you help me by e-mail? My email address is winstonc@hilsea.com.ec


6-Dec-2005 14:50

Sorry for the late response. You may have worked out a solution, but I thought I would share my solution to a similar problem.

I needed to create a database of repayments from customers who had taken out loans. Since many customers make hundreds of payments and have several loans, it was difficult to create one record per customer. So I decided to create one record per payment. Then with macros it is easy to select by customer name or account number and then I get back all of the payments as a list. This does mean that for a few thousand customers, I do have ten's of thousands of records, but in the past 10 years, I've only lost maybe 5 records through corruption. And each record was payments, rather than customer records, which minimised the loss.

I'm thinking that you could create a similar database. Rather than one record with lots of appointments, have each record being a differnt appointment and some field that identifies each cow.

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