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Macro conversions for upgrades from Cardbox 2.0

If you want to upgrade to Cardbox 3.0 but have been delaying because of the need to re-record or rewrite your macros, a new service may be what you need.

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20-Oct-2005 20:24

With the advent of version 3.0, Cardbox moved from its proprietary macro language to Microsoft's VBScript. VBScript enables far more powerful macros to be written, controlling not just Cardbox but other programs too. The upgrade means that old Cardbox 2.0 macros need to be re-created using Cardbox 3.0, either by re-recording them or by writing new macros to do the same thing.

Most of the time this is not as daunting as it sounds, and most Cardbox 2.0 users are upgrading without trouble -- but if you have very many macros, or if they are extremely complicated, then the existence of macros can be an impediment to upgrading. This especially applies if the macros were set up some time ago by someone who has now left your organisation.

Now a Cardbox consultant, Alex Maines, has written a specially designed tool that does most of the work of conversion. Using this tool, he is able to offer a reasonably priced service to upgrade your macros from the Cardbox 2.0 macro language to VBScript.

He says:

"Work will be charged on a case-by-case basis, depending on the complexity, length, and number of macros, the amount of testing required. In the first instance, all I ask is that you send me your Macros.mcd file. I will then provide an initial estimate for the work. In due course, I may require you to send me a sample of your database so that I can perform tests.

"Please note that, for now, the only service provided will be the conversion of macros from version 2 to version 3. The version 3 macros will work, as far as possible, exactly like their forebears.

"In the future, a service of writing new macros may be available, depending on workload and interest. If you think you may be interested in commissioning new macros or improvements to your existing material, please feel free to drop me a line."

Alex Maines's email address is alex.maines@zoom.co.uk, and he asks that you put "Cardbox Macros" in the subject line of your emails.

DISCLAIMER: Alex Maines is an independent consultant and not an employee of Cardbox Software Limited. We are drawing his service to your attention because it addresses a need that several of you have reported to us; but the assessment of whether this service is appropriate for you or will do what you want is entirely your responsibility.

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