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WARNING: latest Windows Update may cause Cardbox macros to stop working

The update concerned may be KB896688.

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13-Oct-2005 13:57

A Cardbox user has reported that the entire Cardbox macro system suddenly stopped working when Microsoft Windows Update installed the latest changes to Windows. It is likely that the update concerned was the one identified as KB896688, since Cardbox started working again as soon as that update was removed. Moreover, a search of Google Groups shows that many people are having problems with all sorts of software as a consequence of this update.

Please be aware that you may encounter this problem; and, preferably, set up your Windows system so that updates are not installed without your knowledge. Manual installation of updates will allow you to choose which updates to install, and to choose when to install them.

Build 4207 of Cardbox circumvents this Microsoft bug.

R. Woodhouse

6-Jan-2006 23:49

There is another reason for macros to stop working. Try removing on of the ant-virus programs. When I did that with a Symatic program the removal process reported some problems had occured. Subsequently, Cardbox could not get VB Script to work. Fortunately, hidden in the depths of the Symantic FAQ they had 3 small download programs to unscramble the problem. Seems these anti-virus programs re-route calls to VBScript to their own software first, and when that software is removed the link to the proper source is broken. Anyway, after running the three download programs the Cardbox macros worked again.

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