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Place of cardbox user files

Not so happy with place of cardbox user files

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8-Oct-2005 14:21


I am not so happy with the place cardbox stores the userfiles.

Cardbox seem to store them at

(windows XP)
... / documents and settings / user / my documents / cardbox
i would like to move them to
... / documents and settings / user / cardbox or
... / documents and settings / user / application data / cardbox
(so NOT in the my documents folder)

But i do not seem able to move this cardbox folder.
The my documents folder is for (user made) documents not for application data)
Or am i missing the obvious (again)


10-Oct-2005 14:43

I assume that by "userfiles" you mean "databases".

When I need to create folders, or move folders, or move files from one folder to another, I use Windows: both operations are quite straightforward and in fact they have nothing to do with Cardbox as such. When you move a database you need to remember to move both the .FIL and .FMT files.

Unfortunately you don't say what you are doing and what happens when you do it, so no-one in this forum is going to be able to make suggestions or comments.

"My Documents" is the correct place for all documents (word-processing files, spreadsheets, images, databases, drawings) that are explicitly created by the user. "Application Data" is for items that the user knows nothing about - you can think about it as an alternative to the Windows Registry where large amounts of data are concerned.


10-Oct-2005 18:09

Nice discussion! Some two years ago (or before) I already did a suggestion for a beta of cb3 as amidatrust did. It seems now to be not such a bad idea...

Cardboss wrote:
"Application Data" is for items that the user knows nothing about.

That is just the point: I think many Cardbox users never will know that there is something as a .cbw file or .tlx or Cardbox .log-files.

And then: many "personal" MS Office files are also not stored in 'my documents': b.e. the custom file for the dictionary, some Outlook files (for signatures) and last but not least "favourites...".

In my opnion the best solution can be to add a user option in the Cardbox option dialog: "default folder for Cardbox.cbw, logs' etc."?

Charles Welling

10-Oct-2005 19:40

Now what's the problem?
- Databases can be stored anywhere.
- Workspaces can be stored anywhere.
- General dictionaries are stored with the programme files, which is the only proper place if you want to use them for all your databases. User dictionaries for a specific database are, quite justly, stored with the database.
- Database macros are stored with the databases (which, again, makes sense), general and workspace macros can be stored anywhere

Only the place of the log files (files one hardly ever needs) is fixed (my documents), but seperated from other documents in its own folder "Cardbox".

I completely fail to see a problem here, but I do see a lot of problems looming if users would be completely free to put files where they think they should be put AND THEN start complaining about the fact that things don't work the way they expect them to work.

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