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Apparently no activity on Forum since las August, until yesterday.

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10-Nov-2019 22:57

Dear Bert, Cardbox is one of the most important programmes that I run on my PC, as it is just so good.
I have been very concerned that there has been apparently no activity since last August, until yesterday. I am shortly going to upgrade to W10 from W7, will this all work as now? As I have heard nothing I have been trying to learn EverNote but I find it heavy going and prefer Cardbox. Is the support now readily available again?
Kind regards, David


10-Nov-2019 23:35

The forum was a long time very silent. Indeed. However, I found out today that I could not answer any message until I used MS INTERNET EXPLORER. All Netscape browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, MS Edge etc) can login the forum, but after that you can do nothing. No answering or something.
I did mail this today to support@cardbox.com. So I think this will be fixed, I hope this week.
This can be the reason why it was so silent…

Active (commercial) Cardbox support is not present anymore. But I'me still available for questions and I am still a big user of Cardbox using Windows 10 and some Server versions of Windows.
And there are also others who can help you using this forum (when it works normal again). Also, there is a big helper, the maker of Cardbox, bit only in background.
Do not worry, it all works ok with those OSses. So, there is still a future with Cardbox.
The more, I did not find any alternative yet….!
Succes with the upgrade to W10!
Kind Regards,


10-Nov-2019 23:35

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