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Changing the order data is entered into fields.

I am using Cardbox to store genealogical data. I recently redesigned my records for each person splitting the field for their forenames into two, one for each name. I have subsequently decided that I need to add a third fore-name field. How do I change the 'tab order' so that the new third fore-name field is selected in its correct sequence?

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15-Mar-2018 15:04

I carefully recreated my Cardbox record for each person so that as I entered, in this order, Index number; Surname; Forename 1; Forename 2; Gender; DoB; DoBapt; Birth Place; Birth County; etc. In my first version the fore-name field was large enough to accommodate three fore-names. However when I came to do my second version, whilst there is space on the line I overlooked the fact that some people have three fore-names. The original decision for splitting the fore-name field was for searching purposes.

Having inserted a field for a third fore-name I notice that as I tab from one field to the next the cursor jumps the third fore-name field and goes directly to Gender. How do I change the sequence so that as I use the tab key to go from field to field it does so in the correct sequence? At present there are 117 fields in each record, 84 of these being for the details of any children (up to twelve per family).

(I found being able to alter the record's appearance exclusively for printing very useful as I print the records onto coloured paper, green for one family and cream for the other family, both of which are subjects of an ONS.)

Regards and thanks for any help and advice,


15-Mar-2018 16:12

The answer is short: look in help, tab index search for fields sub item sequence.


16-Mar-2018 11:31


Thank you for your help, I'm very grateful.

Kind regards,

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