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Indexed Words?

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4-Dec-2017 12:32

Hello we are a user of cardbox and we have to try and get a list of the indexed words out of the system. We love the program however we have to look at moving to another system due to pressure from IT. We can export the data in CSV however is there a way to list the indexed words in a separate table?

We would be more than willing to pay consultancy if this is possible and would welcome some contact from someone who would be able to help us with this.


4-Dec-2017 13:21

That's really easy for you to do - go to the native format of your database, edit the format, right click on the field which contains the indexed data, look at the properties, select Validation and the list of indexed (or un-indexed) words will appear - you can then copy & paste them.


4-Dec-2017 14:40

Thanks for your quick response, there appears to be no validation on the field where the words are highlighted in red. is there any other way that we can try?


4-Dec-2017 14:57

You need to tell more precisely what you need. Cardbox can easy show all indexed terms. It is also easy to export that list. Look for search and preview for this (old list index)
I think however you need something different. If I try to understand what you write, then I think you want a csv export of only indexed terms in every field/record. Right?
If this is needed, of course it is possible by a macro. It's Cardbox, you know? You will love your it department I think...
If needed, I can also offer you professional support. Mail then to cardbox@outlook.com. Have attention: That is not a mailaddress of Cardbox UK.

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