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Turn native format into alternative format

How can you make an alternative format, starting from native format ?

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12-Oct-2017 12:35


I'm new to Cardbox, and I like it alot already !
I set up a native format with boxes to be filled out, and dropdown lists.
In the samples of cardbox, like the contacts database, there are different formats you can choose.
I would like to turn my (already filled with records) native database into a one-line view database,
so that I can switch between the two formats. The native format, to put in new records and the one-line view,
to scroll through the records.

Is there a simple way to do this, or do you have to make the alternative format from scratch all over,
and if so, how do you link the two, so that the records from one format, will be visible in the other format ?

Thank you very much.


12-Oct-2017 12:52

I have been looking to find this all over (googled, read through some sites about cardbox etc...),
and while reading through some stuff here, I came across this as an answer to another question :

And there it is... the answer to my problem, on page 33 !!

Thanks for this, eventhough it wasn't an answer to my post :-)
And maybe it wil help another newbie also.


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