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format new file

how to set up a new database file so it shows on screen Pref as a table)

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14-Aug-2017 23:28

I am just trying out Cardbox and making little progress. What do I do after setting up a new file? It says I have to format it, but when I insert new fields or records it tell me I have to format it - but gives no clue as to how. Appearance does not work and anything I type in is folded into the tiny collumns which do not allow te record entries to be see.

Please tell me what obvious process I have missed or direct me to suitable instructions - anyone?

John Francis

15-Aug-2017 09:08

The first thing to do when setting up a new database is to create a format, i.e. what you want it to look like on screen - number, size and positions of fields, and so on.

I recommend that you study The Cardbox Book, which can be downloaded as a PDF from the Cardbox site. Pages 173 onwards give lots of information about creating formats and databases generally.

Hope this helps.


John Francis


15-Aug-2017 09:33

Once there exists a "Getting Started" pdf on the Cardbox site.
Usefull for beginners.
However, I cannot find it anymore.

If you are interested: you can download it here: http://cardbox.magix.net/downloads/getting_started.pdf

Also.: whenever you need help and there is no help button available, push F1. You will be surprised if you take time to read what is written.



15-Aug-2017 09:56

I remember now: Getting.pdf is added in the download of Cardbox Client with sample databases!

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