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How to create new databases, switch from frm to fmt

I am very new to cardbox and need to know how to move two sets of data to Cardbox for Windows

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20-Jul-2017 13:23


Desperately need help! I have been tasked with creating three databases: BOOKS, PAHMPLETS and EU.

BOOKS already exists on Cardbox for Windows.

However PAMPHLETS and EU only exist as a set of INTERNAL and EXTERNAL files. I was sent a whole bunch of files, which apparently need to be converted from FRM to FMT. The extension appears to be .FIL.

When I try to open them up in Cardbox it says 'Cardbox cannot open this database file (file not found).

I have also downloaded the upgrade3.exe file, but it can't take any of the .fil files I have. Nothing happens.

I don't really understand what to do next?

I simply want to create two more databases in Cardbox Windows by converting these .fil files over to .FMT.

Any guidance would be hugely appreciated!

- Eurodrone


20-Jul-2017 13:24

Edit: I mean I want to transfer everything to Cardbox 3.1. Sorry if there's any confusion there.


20-Jul-2017 15:43

I understand this:
Books: you have a database books.fil and books.fmt? I do not read there is another file containing data for database books?
PAMPHLETS and EU: I understand you have PAMPHLETS.dmp or PAMPHLETS.ext? Same for EU?
For that databases: in case of there is only an .ext file: In that file all used fields are mentioned. Open that file by example with Notepad (not change, not save!) and you will see. You can make then a new database containing fields which also are found in the ext file. After this you can import the .ext file into the just created zero records database.
If there is only a .dmp file, then it is more complicated to import it. You also need to build a new 0 record database. If you *think* there were about 50 fields in that dmp file used, make in that database 50 new fields. Do not deleted any field. This because in Cardbox every field get a unique internal field number. If every field from 0-50 is present in your 0 record database, then import the dmp file.
It is a pity, fields names are not stored in the compact dmp file. Only internal field numbers of a database. With the data in your database howver, normally it is not very difficult to (re)name a field then.
Good to know: [name].fmt + [name].fil are the files for a Cardbox Database.
I understand you are new to Cardbox. I can understand that this is all a little complicated. If it is too complicated, I can help you perhaps. If this is needed, mail me privately then on cardbox@outlook.com. Being clear: This is NOT a email address of Cardbox.com.

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