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Importing PDF - Cardbox 3 & Cardbox Server

Can you import PDFs as images when using Cardbox Server?

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12-Jun-2017 08:03

I've seen the post regarding using Ghostscript to import PDFs directly but we use Cardbox3 & Cardbox Server - I can't find the Cardbox.ini file to make the alterations.
Is it possible to use this system (Ghostscript) with the Cardbox Server set-up and/or is it me who's misunderstanding how to do it?
Thanks for any help.


12-Jun-2017 08:53

Cardbox3.ini is located in the Windows folder (default c:\windows).
If it is not there, add it using Notepad.

Btw, I discovered that Windows 10 in certain situations some files (also cardbox.ini) of the Windows folder copies to c:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows\. When this folder with cardbox.ini exists, Windows does not tell you, but cardbox3.ini of that folder is used in stead of the original c:\windows\cardbox3.ini.
You can delete that copy of cardbox.ini (I deleted whole folder, do not like such surprises). It will use the c:\windows\cardbox.ini then again.



12-Jun-2017 17:17

Thanks very much, got it working now, cheers.

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