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Does Cardbox support non-Latin characters?

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11-Mar-2017 16:26

I'm new to Cardbox and have successfully set up the page how I want it to look and imported a test batch of data (c. 4700 records) without significant problem. But several records include text in Russian and other languages that use non-Latin scripts and these display as question marks. Changing the font doesn't seem to help (unless there is a Russian-specific font that isn't labelled as such in the drop down menu). My default is Arial and I've tried with other "default" fonts such as TNR without success.

Is there a plugin I need or a setting I need to change?

I'm using Cardbox Version 3.1 (build 4408) on Windows 7.


11-Mar-2017 18:21

Cardbox supports Unicode.
However: first make a database, then use menu, tools, management, rebuild database, switch on UNIcode and rebuild.
After this, your database is Unicode and supports all type of strange characters.
You can rebuild a database also when there are records in it. However, unicode characters in the database on that moment are not corrected to unicode of course characters. That info has lost when it was read in non-unicode mode.
So perhaps you have to reread your data again...?


11-Mar-2017 21:25

Great, thanks for the info. I will try that.

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