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Sending format file by email

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9-Mar-2017 10:51

Hi. I am new to cardbox and developed a format file for a charity on my computer. I now need to send this format file to the charity. Can I do this? If so how?

Kim Hook2

9-Mar-2017 11:31

Hi Mary
You need to send them at least two files - filename.fmt and filename.fil.
If you've created any macros for the charity, make sure they are stored in the database itself, rather than on your computer.
I work with charities too - I'd love to know what they will be using Cardbox for, if you don't mind telling?
Take care


9-Mar-2017 12:16

Macros are not stored *in* a database itself. Macros are on these locations (depends on what type you have assigned it):
- general macros : default in .../documents/cardbox) (to change by menu options, macros)
- workspace macros : macros for the current workspace, default as general macros
- related database macros : available for all databases which are stored in the same folder as that macro
- database macros : available for only one database - stored in the subfolder of a database named databasename.fil.cbs
Macrofiles has extension .cbs. You can only see the extension in the Explorer, strange enough, if you have made it visible in your Windows.


9-Mar-2017 15:10

Hi Kim
It is just a simple library format management but I haven't used cardbox for years so am finding it difficult to get back to speed - the brain is seizing up after five years of retirement. They have an old library management system which is only available on one PC so I suggested Cardbox which allows networking over their system. I designed the format (very simple like me) but need to get it to their IT person who will load it onto their cardbox. He can then transfer the existing data onto the new setup.
This probably a very stupid question but where will I find the two files?

Kim Hook2

10-Mar-2017 17:20

Thank you for the clarification, Bert - very handy.

Mary - that sounds interesting. I think it is great if you can keep it simple - the more "obvious" a database is, the more likely the users will keep it up-to-date and in use.
If you open the database on your pc, go to the Cardbox Window menu and choose "properties" it will show you the complete path to the filename.fil file. The filename.fmt file will most likely be in the same location.
Have fun,


10-Mar-2017 19:56

Many thanks to you both. I have sent an email - if it doesn't work I may be back!

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