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Windows 10 64bit compatibility

Does Cardbox 3.1 work in Windows 10 64bit

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2-Mar-2017 09:31


I am new to Cardbox so please bear with me.
The firm I work for is about to move to Windows 1064 bit.
We currently have Version 3.1 (build 4408) installed on one of our machines.
Does anyone know if Cardbox will work in this new environment?

Many thanks


2-Mar-2017 10:19

No problem. When you use also Cardbox_Server as a system service, the control panel only can be controlled as Administrator.


2-Mar-2017 10:37

As stated by Bert no problem. It runs on my laptop ( Windows 10 Pro , 64 bit ) and it runs also excellent for a trucking company in a mixed environment ( Windows 7, Windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit )

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