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Converting home PC Cardbox databases to be WEB-based

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Chris H

27-Feb-2017 14:55

I have several related Cardbox databases on my home computer and would like to place them 'on the web' for access by the general public. Apart from buying the necessary 'web-space, servers etc.' I need advice / step by step outline instructions what I have to do with Cardbox to make it accessible / searchable (not editable) by other parties.
Has any one done this? Please advise?


27-Feb-2017 16:23

This is a repeatedly asked question.

Two possibilities for read only access:

1. Using free Microsoft IIS (webserver). If you make special dedicated classic ASP scripts you can make a web interface for any database. Working example: http://stortenbeker.eu - a Dutch train-photo Cardbox database with a web interface. Using IIS you can make very dedicated things for your databases. To make it also writing is possible if you want this.
Some time ago I launched a universal interface for every database you have running in you Cardbox Server. Don't look to the layout - it is just to show what is possible. Look for this in http://forums.cardbox.com/topics/540/2314 or/and at http://stortenbeker.eu/sample

2. Using Cardweb: Cardweb is an dedicated webserver for Cardox databases. Cardweb is easier to make a very down to earth application. Only read only access to your databases. A pity, there are a few bugs in it and for safety you have to restart the webserver every night.

As you see Cardbox can be used also with a web interface and because of that, also on you mobile device.


Charles Welling

3-Mar-2017 14:48

And you may have a look at http://collectie.atlasvanstolk.nl
It runs on IIS and the scripts communicate directly with the Cardbox databases. Don't let the word "ASP" frighten you: it's just vbscript, just like the Cardbox macros.
I disagree with Bert that Cardweb is easier than IIS+ASP. I used Cardweb before IIS and it gave me a whole lot of trouble, whereas IIS+ASP is straightforward and easy.


3-Mar-2017 16:52

For Cardweb only a little knowledge of html is enough to start. Trouble begins if you want to use Cardweb for serious queries in databases in which also is written by Cardbox Client. Also a nightly restart of Cardweb is necessary to avoid queries without a right result.
Then: it is for a beginner not really easy to build a ASP application. I remember even you had some struggle showing Cardbox images in the browser.
Often I've seen that recording/editing a simple macro gives stress at Cardbox users. Building an whole Cardbox Application using an ASP interface + IIS, no, that is not much Cardbox users given.
But... no problem, cheap support is available ;-).
After all: I think telling 'it is easy for anyone because it is easy for me', I think you overlook then something.


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