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Convert card box database

From card box 1.0 to latest version

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1-Nov-2016 20:05

Dear readers,

My father has left us with lost of databases in CardBox.
Databases in CardBox 1.0.
Now i want to convert those CB 1.0 databases to the latest CB 3.0 and eventually made available to CardWeb, or to a SQL database
(He requested that the most of his databases (and his work) to be available to others, preferably in a web interface.)

I have tried looking through the forum for a solution but did not find a satisfying answer till now.

Would any of you readers be able to advise on how to tackle this issue
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards .... Paul


1-Nov-2016 22:29

Dear Paul,

As far as I remember, Cardbox 3 can directly handle the databases of Cardbox for Windows. I remember only the DOS databases needed a conversion.

About the web interface: you did not find satisfying answers yet. However, answers can be given if you can write us your questions ;-).

As you've seen, a web interface is possible using Cardweb (has some limitations but also a feature there is a Linux variant) or using IIS of Microsoft (classic ASP). You can make it as beautiful as you want. There are a few examples of Cardweb or ASP application running with Cardbox databases on line.

Main part of your choice is were you want to host. If your choice is a web-pages-provider, I think you must forget Cardbox because they do not let you install Cardbox components. They do not know Cardbox because Cardbox has never been a part of a software hype.

Not expensive is to hire a complete simple (virtual) Windows server and then using ASP or Cardbox. It can be simple because Cardbox does not need much. You can do this one year free at Amazon (AWS) or not so expensive b.e. at Strato.nl (starting € 9,00 pro month). I tested Amazon for one year - it worked, a little slow. Strato seems to offer a better product. I will test it one day. But there will be more...

I hope I gave you, without knowing your questions, some thoughts.
Kind Regards
Bert Stortenbeker


2-Nov-2016 10:51

Hello Bert,

Thnx for your reply.

What i basicly want at first is to convert the CB 1.0 files to CB 3.0 format.
I opened the CB 1.0 files with CB 3.0 and what comes out makes no sense, all fields are marked as 'x'
Where i see a last name and a first name the fields should be First_Name and Last_Name instead of an 'x''

The reason that i mention SQL is that vaguely heard that CB 3.0 file format could be converted to a SQL database. A friend of mine is a webbuilder and works with SQL and PHP with which he can create a site where people can search for info in the database. (I'm not a web expert, and as you mentioned CardWeb is limited that might be a way to go forward with SQL)
He will also take care of the hosting as well.

So to be short, can CB 1.0 files converted to CB 3.0 format.
And can the CB 3.0 files be converted into a SQL database ?

Once again thanks for advice



2-Nov-2016 12:10

Ok, I see. The choice is simple then.

Left: how to convert the databases on a correct way from CB 1 to CB 3 format.
If the db in 3.0 format is, you can export the data on every way you want: by the standard export tools in Cardbox, but also writing a script of making a special format (write to disk). De data you can add then in 'whatever you want' - if 'what ever you want' of course can import data.

I will look to do what the best thing to. I think a step between to CB2 is necessary. CB2 I have running in a virtual Win 311 system. Will look today if it allows me to add cb 1.0 to this 'system'. If cb2 is needed, you met a license problem btw.
To be continued.


2-Nov-2016 13:06

Is it real a non damaged database from Cardbox 1 of Windows?
If just tried to open sample database "contacts" which came with the floppies on cb1 for Windows.
No problems in CB3. If you like: Send me a sample on bs.ovcp@gmail.com (.fil + .fmt).
I can look to it.


4-Nov-2016 11:09


I will mail you an example soon.
I have to go back and get an original file, as the one i have is one i have played around with in CB 3.0 with rebuilding

Thank you in advance for the assistance



5-Nov-2016 10:55

Just an idea: you have probably tried to open with cb3 the only existing .fil file.
The .frm or .fmt file I think was not present. You need for an old db: .fil + .frm (and in case of images also an .fim). For a actual db you need .fil + .fmt. Opening only a .fil file will result in the xxx etc. And in this case: there was a message that came up when trying to open only a fil file?

Charles Welling

9-Nov-2016 15:11

Paul, in case you want to have a look at a working Cardbox web application:


It runs on a virtual server hosted by VPSHosting. A modest server would cost about € 15 per month, all included.
It is driven by ASP, which is VBScript = Cardbox macros. That means that scripts make the selections and turn the result into web pages.
ASP on IIS runs well and stable, which, unfortunately, cannot be said of Cardweb.

Regards, Charles


4-Jan-2017 21:09

Bert, Charles,

Thank you for your answers, and apologies for this late reply. (Started an new job .. by coincedence in databasing .. which eats time)
I will look into your suggestions.

Kind regards,


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