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Messed up csv files

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28-Jul-2016 22:24

I have been hired to take data out of a Carbox system as a new ERP system is being used. I don't know Cardbox, but I do know vb.net and SQL, so I'm not afraid of a bit of code if needed.
The data to export contains VERY large fields, e.g. more than 32000 characters in a single field, so Excel can't handle them. The CSV is incorrectly formatted prior to getting it into Excel though (I can display it in Notepad++). Some of the very long fields extend over multiple lines and obviously rendering the csv pretty much useless.
I've tried exporting as XML instead as there aren't the same restrictions, but I'm having trouble using it because of the XML setup of the export.
There seems to be images / pdf's in the data, so the XML's were crazy with what seems to be bit64. Leaving the field out makes the XML useable.

Before I use too many hours messing around in the blind, I was wondering if anyone had some experience with exporting data from Cardbox. The ultimate goal is to get (some) of the data into a MySQL database.

I am not bothered about getting the full fields. If I can get what Excel can handle (~32K characters) then I'm perfectly happy.

Any help or point in the right direction will be much appreciated!



28-Jul-2016 23:58

If Excel does not fit, why using it...?
The External Format can produce a file file which you can handle by any script. It saves line feeds which are not supported in csv.
If there is a image field with files in it, write them by a script separate an give it a file name which is connected to the record number.
With this output I think you can merge the data and the files by a script and fill your new database I think.
If you are familiar with vb.net this cannot be the most difficult part I think.

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