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Date Field

Automatic date update on change of a record

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27-Sep-2005 09:42

I want to create a field for a date which updates itself every time a user goes into an edit mode of a particular record in order to establish some system for record updating. Do I need to create a macro for this or does someone know of doing this within the functionality of Cardbox?
The database has been created in Cardbox version 3.0 (Build 4199), professional edition.

Charles Welling

27-Sep-2005 10:51

Max, this is one of the standard functions of Validation. Edit the native format, choose the properties for the field, add "default entry" to the validation options. Pick "today's date" from the list of possible default entries en check both boxes, i.e. "override any data etc" and "type even etc."

When you're done: read the manual.

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