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Windows 7 Cardbox 2

Problems Installing

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Jim Liddane

13-Jul-2016 19:05

I have been happily using Cardboxsince CPM days.

When back in the days I installed XP, I also installed Cardbox 2 and worked with that equally happily for many many (!) years.

For safety's sake, I also bought Cardbox 3 - to be sure to be sure. (Yes, I am Irish).

I moved recently to Windows 7, and tried to install Cardbox 2. It objected saying that it was 32bit whereas I was now on 64bit.

So I installed Cardbox 3 Professional and it works.

But....is there any way to install Cardbox 2 on Windows 7?


13-Jul-2016 19:43

As far as I know, it does not work in W7 64 bit.

It works on w7 32 bit. Just tested it once again.
However, I cannot imagine why you should not upgrade to Cardbox 3. It is free!
And because the upgrade is free, you can spend your money now to translating your macro macros to CB3 format.

Jim Liddane

13-Jul-2016 23:16

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.

Sorry - I may not have made myself clear. I have already installed 3 on Windows 7 and it works fine.

So why do I want to operate Windows 2 instead?

Well, I suppose that I am a slow learner, set in my very ancient ways.

For example, I used to click F6 to tag a card, and then F8 to assemble all tags into one selection, and then F11 to clear everything. But now it involves a different procedure which I can also manage, except that I have Cardbox 2 operating on the other machine under XP, and my (very) limited brain struggles to deal with two different procedures for the same program.

Odd thing is - when I transferred to 7 last week, all of my old 32-bit programs worked quite happily on Windows 7 64-bit.

So I presumed Cardbox would as well.

Oh well - I got used to stereo (eventually! even if Phil Spector still sounds better in mono), so I presume I can get used to two different methods for Cardbox!

Still the best database ever made.

Thanks for your advice.

Jim Liddane

13-Jul-2016 23:19

When I wrote "So why do I want to operate Windows 2 instead?" - I of course meant "So why do I want to operate Cardbox 2 instead?"

Perhaps now you can see my problem! It is all this modern stuff!

I mean, next they will bring in talking movies.


14-Jul-2016 08:17

Yes there is a way to run Cardbox2 on Win 7 machines or any other OS.
I am also a very happy user of Cardbox v2 and never saw the need to upgrade (I recall there was a major difference which would mean I couldn't go back to v2 if needed) nor did I have the time to re-learn. Anyway I would *strongly* recommend looking into Oracle's free Virtual Box software which allows a Virtual Machine to be set up under different operating systems. You will have to install WinXP and then Cardbox2 but I am happily opening this VM and running Cardbox2 on a daily basis. It can also be used to run an XP VM with Cardbox on a Mac. You may need the help of a techie to set up the Oracle software as I did but once setup it's very robust.
Regards Brenda


14-Jul-2016 10:08

If you are a little more freak, run also free DOSBox with Windows 3.11. Don't need a xp license! Find your floppies and then Cardbox 2 works also there.
In DosBox/Win 3.11 I also can run Cardbox Plus 4.1. For me, just for fun, not more then that.
I think learning Cardbox 3 is a small step if you are familiar to Cardbox 2. And the reward learning this, is boolean search!

Jim Liddane

15-Jul-2016 11:39

Thanks to both of you for taking the trouble to reply. It is much appreciated.

I will read up on the differences between 2 and 3 and hopefully remember which keystroke does what on which machine!

However, I will also look at the Virtual Machine software, as to be honest, I am not a great person to adapt to change!

I d think the Boolean search would be a great help. Now if only F6 would still tag, and F8 would still assemble all the tags .... but I cannot have everything!

Again, many thanks for all the advice.

On a separate matter - I bought Cardbox about 30 years ago for an Amstrad, and bought each upgrade. I was stunned to see from this thread that it is now free.

I would have thought that such a robust database would have gone on forever - anybody I have shown it to over the years is very impressed by it. It is the one, perhaps the only constant I have had on my various PCs since the 1980's.

Charles Welling

25-Jul-2016 09:14

Jim, please note that in Cardbox3 it's very easy to change the behaviour of keystrokes. Just edit the native format, pick Tools > Keyboard from the menu and tell Cardbox what a specific key should do. Even if it has already a function assigned to it, it will change into whatever you tell it to do.
Trying to make older versions work correctly no matter what it takes is putting the cart before the horse, and eventually you will find that spending some time to look into Cardbox3 would have been a better investment. Once you get the hang of it you'll enjoy all the extra possibilities.

Mary Doyle

25-Jul-2016 10:38

Hi Jim,
Do you live in Ireland? If you live withing hailing distance of Dublin or somewhere I might be travelling to in the near or immediate future I could, if you liked, demo Cardbox 3 for you. It really is a huge improvement on Cardbox 2.
All the best.

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