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Multiple user problem

Initial user see toolbars, others signing in to shared drive do not

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4-May-2016 09:46

The Cardbox programme file was loaded onto the C drive of a laptop under the log-in of User A with all other files (workspace, macros etc.) loaded onto a shared J drive. Everything works fine for User A but when Users B, C etc. log in (never at the same time as another user) they have access to all the records but they do not see the toolbars, even though the correct workspace is shown as default. Any suggestions? Thank you.


4-May-2016 15:49

If users do not see their toolbar: switch it on (Cardbox options, View Toolbar).

Toolbar on/off is as far as I know a Cardbox, current user-machine setting. That means it it general for all database of the logged on user. If new user logs on, on same machine, it has its own Cardbox settings. Default the toolbar is on for every new user.
If this is off for every new user it seems to me Windows has in it's default user part of the registry a Cardbox user part with this setting.
How this can be there I do not know. It has not to be there - only if you want this/added it.


4-May-2016 17:11

Thank you - I shall try it tomorrow.

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