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John Francis

24-Apr-2016 11:11

I have recently obtained a new PC, running Windows 10. Cardbox works almost perfectly on the new system, except that "Highlight matches" no longer works. This isn't a serious problem, but does anyone know of a fix?

John Francis


24-Apr-2016 11:47

If I try to find on a W10 machine Alcott in sample database Contacts, Alcott lights up. Did not find troubles with it using W10. It works as it did before (I mean: in some special cases highlight does not work right, like it did the last 10 years or so).

I suppose that you have checked that you have switched on in View - highlight matches and or you have switched on at Cardbox options - General - turn highlight on when opening a new database.
Try also to change the appearance of the field or format a little en see if that works.

If highlight still not works then, I think not only Cardbox will met trouble on your machine. Check therefore if the newest video drivers are installed on your machine. W10 installs often drivers with less capabilities then the drivers direct from your manufacturer of your hardware.

John Francis

24-Apr-2016 14:15

Thanks Bert. Yes, I have switched on the two features you mention - that was the first thing I checked when I noticed the problem. However, I have now also switched on "Use white-on-black when highlighting,,,,", and that sort of solves the problem. Not quite the way it used to look, but it's OK. As you suggest, perhaps this is a W10 driver problem.

Thanks again for your help.


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