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Specify field conversion

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8-Apr-2016 22:23

I specified a field conversion and save it. Unfortunately, it has some issues. I'm not having any luck deleting it, nor have I been able to enter a new saved conversion. As a result, I'm having to re-enter/link multiple field each time. Any chance anybody knows where the saved field conversions are located in the registry or program files so that this can be corrected? tks...


9-Apr-2016 00:17

I do not understand your problem. If you specify an import conversion, you cannot miss the remove button for removing previous saved conversions.
There is one pitfall: you can only remove a conversion while doing a complete conversion. If you push cancel after removing a conversion, the action is not saved.
For changing an existing conversion: just click on the to change conversion, edit it, unlink/link fields, save the conversion, and the corrected conversion is saved. So careful reading the screen will give you what you want you want I think. It is not the most complicated part of Cardbox I think.


9-Apr-2016 21:24

Perhaps I didn't explain the situation well. I have a specified field conversion that is incorrect. Using the Remove button removes the field conversion name, but the next time I go to import a file, it reappears. In otherwords, the Remove button removes the filename only for that instance. Next time I go to import, it appears again.

I have uninstalled Cardbox and re-installed and the same specified field conversion appears again when I import a file, leading me to believe that Cardbox is calling the field conversion data from somewhere other than the Cardbox install folder, perhaps the registry or the \user\*data folders*


9-Apr-2016 22:44

"but the next time I go to import a file, it reappears." : As I wrote, it reappears alwaus when you remove a conversion + when you do **not finish the current** conversion.
The onversion is not stored in registry or in data folders. It is stored in the fmt file.


10-Apr-2016 00:04

I might have been going down the wrong road the whole time. When you mentioned that the conversion is stored in the .fmt file I realize what was happening. I made one .fmt file, and since all the 100+ files I am importing have the same structure, I simply copied, pasted, and renamed the first fmt file which explains why the same conversion instructions kept coming up. Thanks for staying with this thread Bert!

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