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Automatic numbering w/batch edit?

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3-Apr-2016 17:28

Hello all. I'm in the process of moving 100+ separate files from PFS File (c. 1980's) and importing them to Cardbox 3 and putting them into a single CB file. The original PFS files are each numbered and so I've batch edited the numbering out of the Recd: field in my small (100 records)test file but am having trouble figuring out how to auto number the field.

So, it is possible to batch edit auto numbering in my test file or do I have to individually edit & save each record in order for auto numbering to do its thing?

Kim Hook2

3-Apr-2016 19:13

You could do a batch edit operation to edit each record and save it - that way the auto numbering would come into effect. Make sure you start on the first record, and use the "next" feature to check the next couple of records work the way you expect them to. Once you're happy you can let the batch do it without showing you each change.


3-Apr-2016 21:31

Of course, do not forget to add the validator automatic numbering at the right field...
If there is already text or something the number field, erase all text in that field by ctrl+A, delete . The validator will give the number when record is saved.


4-Apr-2016 16:44

Auto Numbering is now doing its thing as expected. Thanks to both for your helpful comments.

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