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Using CardBox on PC and Mac

Cardbox on MacBook

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24-Mar-2016 08:54

I use Cardbox on my PC.
Can I run Cardbox under CrossOver on my MacBook.
I want to create an index of all my books and it is more convenient to do this on a laptop.
Can I then copy the files created from the MacBook to the PC and use them there as well?
My son says I should be using EverNotes - does anyone have an opinion?
Any help is much appreciated.


24-Mar-2016 10:11

I am not an Apple adept (far from that). However, I know that it is possible to install Crossover, and install Cardbox Client within it. The fil and fmt files (the database) are of course completely compatible to run on a Windows system. You can install on your pc a Cardbox server + place the database on that pc. Installing Cardbox Client in CrossOver, you can also use then that database on your Mac. In CrossOver it is not possible to use all Cardbox Client features. Especially macro's can give trouble.
Perhaps is it more simple to install in a virtual machine on your mac with an old Win XP version and run there Cardbox Client. Then you can use all features of Cardbox in that VM. And of course will the Mac with all its great benefits have no problem with a VM. Or not...?


24-Mar-2016 11:03

I know it is a different platform from Mac, but as I move further from my laptop and rely on tablets., is there a way to rum the FIL/FMT files in iOS on an iPad or IiPod Touch?

I gave up trying to see if there would ever be an app, but I am holding out before I have to try and convert my several databases to FileMaker or something else. Because of the


24-Mar-2016 11:30

Do not wait on a Cardbox app, it will not be developed. See earlier posts about that.
If you **need** the benefits of FileMaker pro, it is a good decision to change and spend money to it.
If you need Cardbox features and you change to FileMaker Pro, you lose money, many hours and you will regret.
As far as I can see there is for Android no FileMaker app, only for Ipad/phone.


24-Mar-2016 11:33

Friend uses Oracle's Virtual Box on his Mac to replicate several operating systems including Win 7 and XP. Using VB you should be able to run Cardbox in one of these o/s. I run a VB Win XP window to run my Cardbox databases on a Win7 pc and it works well, very stable.

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