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Not authorised to edit format

Need to edit format, but no idea where our Master profile is

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25-Feb-2016 16:31

Hi, I am relatively new to Cardbox and trying to make some changes to a format. I have permissions to do this on one of our databases within Cardbox, but I'm 'not authorised to edit format' on the other. Problem is, all my colleague's computers say the same thing when they try to edit this format (this is apparently the first time anyone has tried to edit the formats since we began using Cardbox back in early 2000s!)
I've looked in the Cardbox book and it talks about the Master profile - how do I access/find this?
Any help much appreciated.


25-Feb-2016 17:28

I am afraid you need a password to switch to the master profile. If you do not know that password you cannot save changed things as you have noticed.
I think you need to consult Cardbox Support for remove this profile. This was not a free service...
However, there is a way (I hope). If the default profile (you work with one, because profiles are activated it seems, because of the message) does not block data export, you can copy all format items (ctrl-A, Ctrl-c), make a new base, paste all copied items in the new (database) format, save it. Then there is a new empty database. With data export (read from window), you can import the data (import from Cardbox Window) of the secured db.
Perhaps this helps you.


29-Feb-2016 10:52

Thank you for getting back to me Bert. As I'm new to CardBox I don't think I'd feel confident trying this myself - even though you make it sound simple! I'll message Cardbox Support to see what they can do, and the cost involved. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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