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25-Feb-2016 14:16

Is there a way of sharing the native format file across more then one database??


25-Feb-2016 15:41

Think, DONOT shout

Kim Hook2

25-Feb-2016 15:48

Hi Greenkeeper, are you just starting the extra databases? or do they exist already?


25-Feb-2016 15:53

Sorry caps lock and didn't realize till i posted it. I currently have three databases on slightly varying format. It would make my life so much easier for them all to follow exactly the same native format. so yes they do exist but possible with a view to having new ones added too.

Kim Hook2

25-Feb-2016 16:05

You can certainly create new ones easily - say your current database is called "first". There will be a format file called first.fmt. Leave that one alone, but take a copy of the format file and rename it. For my example let's use second.fmt. Once that file exists you can double click it to open it, and Cardbox will make the new database with the same design as 'first'.
I've never tried to copy a whole format across to another existing database. I would imagine the fields all need to be set up the same - their names and properties. Try it with copies so your original databases are intact.

Kim Hook2

25-Feb-2016 16:07

It may be safer to create spare copies of the first.fmt file and export data from an existing database, ready to import into the spare copy. Hope this explanation makes sense?


25-Feb-2016 16:18

that is what we are currently doing the problem comes when making changes to the format you then have to go through all there and edit them idividually. just wondered if there was a way to run all three off a shared format file, but maybe not

Kim Hook2

25-Feb-2016 16:38

I'm not aware of a way to do that, sorry.


25-Feb-2016 16:38

Sharing one format for several databases is not possible.
However: Severals ways to synchronize all you format in one time:
- When all databases are closed, copying the fmt file (make a batch file or vbs)
- You can using profiles + cardbox server upload a format. This when all databasebases are running. For easy working a script (macro) is recommended for this.

Kim Hook2

25-Feb-2016 16:40

Perhaps you should amalgamate all databases into one? that would solve the problem.

Charles Welling

26-Feb-2016 09:50

You're absolutely right, Kim. I quote from greenkeeper's post:
"all to follow exactly the same native format"
That means that greenkeeper has in fact several versions of the same database. As Cardbox allows to have more than one view of a database, i.e. the alternative formats, the most sensible solution would be to merge the databases and create the necessary alternative views.


26-Feb-2016 10:56

It is hard to guess why people need identical copies from a database(format). Global is it right to merge this. But once I met a case where that was not the right solution. Off line....

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