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Cardbox Linux server - ARM ?

Is there a version of cardbox-server for Linux on ARM processors

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Gordon Wardle

2-Feb-2016 16:53

I am assuming that the message 'cannot execute binary file' means that the cardbox-server is not compatible with ARM processors. Am I correct and is/was there an ARM version ?


2-Feb-2016 18:09

If I read on Linux.com I see that ARM not so easy is for Linux. B.e. this phrase about ARM: "This made Linux support complicated and unwieldy, to the point that Linus Torvalds threatened to stop accepting ARM changes in the mainline Linux kernel."
Knowing this, it is for me not hard to think that on ARM-Linux you can met unexpected difficulties/incompatibilities.
I tested Cardbox Server on several Linux distributions (on Intel). It's is always an adventure in Linux, but I always could get it working (as well as Cardweb). Even Cardbox Client did it a little (with Wine). But the lack of macro possibilities did me decide not to invest much time in it.

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