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Number of Users

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28-Jan-2016 16:43

How Do i know how many users i can have using cardbox?
and how then would i be able to get more users?


28-Jan-2016 17:22

If you serve your databases by Cardbox Server to the Cardbox Client you can use your database by as many users you want.
I do not know a limit. But I think the speed of the infrastructure (network/server) will limit it I suppose.
It is also depending the things users are doing: only searching takes less performance than batchedit/bachtdelete or dataexport/import.


1-Feb-2016 15:38

it only allows me to have three users on as well as the server, can't seem to find out why or how to change either!


1-Feb-2016 16:20

Erase all license information: folder licence, licences.ini, license.ini.
This only if you work with the licence-free builds of course.


1-Feb-2016 16:36

i take it that if i dont have a licence free build it would be a case of uninstalling it all and then reinstalling a fresh?


1-Feb-2016 17:49

How can you see that you are limited to 3?


2-Feb-2016 09:23

on the cardbox server tray icon on licences tab it says it has my serial number for the server and say x3 then when you select that and try to change it it has three users in he box which you cant alter


2-Feb-2016 09:25

plus when we try to log on with another laptop other then the server and two others it comes up with the error message saying that there are too many users logged on or something along those lines


2-Feb-2016 10:30

Be sure you downloaded last builds from the Cardbox site.
Before running setup of both (Client and server), do as I wrote 1-Feb-2016 16:20.


2-Feb-2016 10:57

ok thanks for your help yet again life saver!


8-Feb-2016 16:36

you can find additional info using the IP-address of your Cardbox server in a browser
for instance type in your browser IP:port/status.htm, in my case
version 3.1 will not longer display the licence info but may be you'll find it useful

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