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Cardbox server migration - db file is read-only

After a Cardbox server migration users can't modify db and get "the database file is read-only"

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18-Jan-2016 11:23

Hi all,

I've moved Cardbox to a new server and an updated version(from v3.0.0.132 to v3.1.0.171) and the server is up, working and accessible to users.

When logged in with a user profile which should have modify access, the new and edit buttons are greyed and give the message "the database file is read-only".

The security on the database files are full access to administrators and system(as they were on the previous server).

I've not added any licenses to the server as the install guide on the site says they shouldn't be needed in the new version. The server settings are the same as the old server as far as I can see(db in read/write mode)

What am I missing? Is it a file issue or a licensing one.

Any Help would be really appreciated, thanks!


18-Jan-2016 11:51


I was running the cardbox server tool under an administrative account, but I needed to use the 'run as administrator' option and change the databade mode dropdown to read/write from there too (even though it was already set in the correct mode from the regular admin accounts).


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