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Numbering records, imported database

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G. Khan

7-Jan-2016 11:42

I am a new user of Cardbox. I have been using a very old (1990) version of PCF (Buttonware)flatfile database in which each record number was unseen but could be searched for. I successfully imported the PCFDB into Cardbox having duplicated the PCF format - all fields transferred Ok. However, the PCF record numbers did not transfer - should I have added an automatic number field?. Is there anyway to duplicate the PCF numbers in Cardbox, or must I re-number each record (6,000 of them) by hand?


7-Jan-2016 12:24

Search in Help for automatic numbering

Kim Hook2

7-Jan-2016 12:52

Hi, You're right, you would have needed a field to import the numbers into. However you don't need to start from scratch or enter each number manually.
If you create a field for the numbers, and then use the option for Automatic numbering in the Tools menu it should put the numbers in for you. Make sure you have a validator set on the number field so Cardbox automatically numbers new records as you add them.
Bert's suggestion to look in the help file is great - that will show you all you need to know.
I also add an automatically entered field on my databases so I can see when the record was last updated - it's great to see how up-to-date a note is that way.

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