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Server migration

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9-Dec-2015 15:17

I’m new to Cardbox and need your help.
We have just tried moving the Cardbox server from a windows 7 pc to a windows small business server 2011 essentials following the instructions on the website. When we try opening a database, we type in the name of the new Cardbox server and click view, no databases are displayed. We can see that the Cardbox client has connected to the new server as the new server name appears at the bottom left of the Open Database window. We have add a database using the Files page on the Cardbox server but the database doesn’t appear either. What have we missed?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


9-Dec-2015 16:46

Strange. But check this:
- Is in Cardbox Server on the files tab for *each* database "Name is Visible to the user" checked?
- When you addded the files in the Cardbox Server: did you start Cardbox Server as an Administrator or as user xxx which was an Administrator? It is absolute necessary to change Cardbox Server settings as Administrator. Be sure being Admin by right click in the Cardbox Server folder on cbox3cpl.cpl, run as Administrator.
- Are the databases on *same machine* as the Cardbox Server software? If not, move the databases to a folder on that machine and see if it works better. You can only place databases on another machine as Cardbox Server with special settings.
Let us know what the results are.


11-Dec-2015 08:44

Bert thank you for your suggestions. Run as Administrator has done the trick. Thank you again.

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