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Email Format

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20-Nov-2015 15:31

I'm trying to create a format that i can use in emails and i want the design to mirror the invoices that we would normally print and post etc
So i have created the format but the problem is that when emailing it the format wont email anything outside of the printable area, is there any way round this??


20-Nov-2015 18:56

If you use a format for txt email, in print settings of the format select landscape (or if possible A3). I think that will give you more room. But you have to check in the email how the result is. I think the prin-to-disk export format is used for making txt email.
Also: because it is text mail, select courier or consolas 10 pt (monospaced!) as standard appearance in your format (format as well as fields).

Charles Welling

28-Nov-2015 09:35

I've been using an email format for years without any problems. You should use merge blocks with infinite height and width, that's all.

You may consider sending your invoices as an attached PDF. You can create a view with the appropriate heading or logo and of course the text and amount to be paid. Print it to disk using a PDF printer and send the email with the PDF as an attachment. Your customers can print or save the PDF for their own books.
You can use a macro that does it all with a single click: print and send as well.

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