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IT Department cannot get the server version working ?

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13-Sep-2015 22:14

Hi all, ve
I can open and edit a database which is stored on our server drive - i.e. I have access to the drive. However opening it "remotely" there are no databases listed (not sure how this all works, but I have included comments from the IT department below.

Can anyone please help? This is the last hurdle I believe.

Many thanks

--------------------- IT Department messages below

"After much experimentation with this cardbox database we have got a bit stuck.

It appears to work fine if logged in and running the service interactively, but running it as a service does not allow access to the files."

And this : "We have followed the instructions in the manual and everything -appears- to work until you go to open a document from the server. If the server is running interactively on the desktop it works fine from a client. If it is running as a service no databases are listed on the client when you select the server, but you can see the databases if you use the admin login in the client, so it knows where they are and can see them.

I suspected a permissions problem so tried running the service under an administrator account instead of the local system, but it did not help. I also set the permissions on the various folders to 'everyone' with nil effect. "


14-Sep-2015 00:22

In my opinion it has to do with rights:
- Cardbox Server started as front-end application, then the files/share rights on your machine as well as in the network are the same as the rights of the logged in user on that machine which Cardbox Server started.
- However, when Cardbox Server is started as a system service, not the user which is logged in is leading for the file rights of the Cardbox Server. The system account of that machine is leading then. That account is a built in account on every Windows Server/Computer. This account only has rights on the own machine. If the databases are located on another pc/server, the server account has no file rights there. So no files are listed in the client then.
It is possible to run a service connected to a specific account (local machine account or an account controlled by a domain controller). Look for that in Windows services.msc. If that account has file rights on the machine of the databases, it should work ok.
Then: if you switch from program to service in the Cardbox Server control panel, be sure that you have opened the control panel being Administrator (not as *an* Administrator). So right click cbox3cpl.cpl, run as Administrator for changing from front-end to service.


Charles Welling

15-Sep-2015 08:00

If I may add a few few words to Bert's explanation: it is a good practice to put the databases on a server together with the Cardbox Server. It's much faster than, for instance, having a dedicated server to run the service and having your databases on a file server.

And that way any problems like the ones you described are not likely to occur. Run the Cardbox Server as a system service on a local system account, which is the easiest option as it requires no special settings. Configure the files that should be visible to the user using the Cardbox Control Panel and you can't go wrong.


15-Sep-2015 08:16

The trouble is that in many businesses the infrastructure is developed in that way that data (databases) on a 'program' server are not allowed....
And adding a dedicated application server for Cardbox is an expensive solution.


24-Sep-2015 21:48


Thanks you very much for this information, which I will now pass onto IT. It is much appreciated and I hope this will get us over the line.

Apologies for the delay - was at sea.

Thanks again,

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