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Internal Error Code 5 Message

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13-Sep-2015 15:00

I have created an Image field in a record.
When I upload or insert and object such as a .jpg photo and try to save the record I get an error message for an Internal Error Code 5.
This prevents the photo being stored.
Can anyone help with this? I have also had a similar problem with the sample Photo databases supplied with Cardbox and then the fault mysteriously stopped.


13-Sep-2015 15:31

You do not write which build you use. Latest?

Then: first try reboot your machine. See if it repeats.
Second: rebuild your database. First 'normal', if no result, try extreme.
See what happens.
Btw: JPG's which are edited by a Mac, cannot read by Cardbox. You have you copy and paste for this.


13-Sep-2015 17:55

Dear Bert,
Sorry Cardbox ® Version 3.1 (build 4406).
Rebooting did not help.
A simple rebuild did the trick
Many thanks for your very quick help.

I did not quite understand your instruction "you have you copy and paste for this" - do you mean "you have to copy and paste for this"? This instruction applying to Mac edited photos only?
I thought that you had to "Insert Object" or "Load image from File" to get the photo into an Image Field.

I am beginning to enjoy Cardbox.


13-Sep-2015 18:32

Glad the problem is solved.
About JGP: when it has been edited by a Mac, then Cardbox can met problems reading such a file.
In that case the best way to add such an image into Cardbox is by launching it in a program that has no trouble with it, copy the image to the clipboard, than paste the image into your image field. Then there is no problem. Using copy/paste gives also a little better image quality in Cardbox.

Because the image read options in Cardbox are a little limited I developed some macro's for this. They use the free image viewer IrfanView which is very fast and has a programmable command-line interface. In that way of working also all available Exif data can be read/stored. The more, also many, many types of images can be added then into Cardbox using that macro.

Btw, please download and install the latest build (4408)! It is simple and free.

The more you use Cardbox, the more you will enjoy it. I use it more than 25 years.

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