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Cardbox and Windows 10

Experiences using Cardbox and Windows 10

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10-Aug-2015 09:52

I am very interested in experiences of Cardbox users, after they upgrade their system to Win 10. Even when you have no trouble, write it here! For everyone it is good to read experiences of people who had no trouble with it.

In my case: The preview versions (in a virtual machine) did not generate any problem. However, after updating my normal working laptop, Cardbox Client did not work any more. Because certain Windows settings, which the upgrade did not respect, Cardbox could not start in Windows 10. After some hours troubleshooting, the Cardbox problems I could fix.
Be alert changing Cardbox Server settings from Control Panel. It would be better that it will not appear there because also in this Windows version it does not work if you use Cardbox Server as a service. Changing settings you have to run directly the cbox3cpl.cpl as administrator double clicking in Windows Explorer (or make a shortcut to it an run that a administrator).

Because Win 10 did not satisfy me at all, I roll back my win 7 system. After several hours troubleshooting again, that works as before.
To me is the benefit of Win 10 not clear (yet).


10-Aug-2015 14:22

Windows 10 has been installed. Installed the client went to your website and can look into the database. I have some other problems ( for example youtube is a problem )..
Every new version of an OS will give some problems..


11-Aug-2015 12:42

I have upgraded from 7 to 10. I have found only one issue and that is the format has been slightly altered and some data has been moved out of line. I will now have to re-line it if I want a tidy screen. I would add my data base is pretty basic as data bases go.

One other issue I have found is with photographs. I have been downloading photos from my camera in .nef format and adjusting them and adding tags etc in Nikon ViewNX2 and then organising them using Windows picture gallery. I have had no problems until I upgraded but now I find that Windows Gallery does not pick up the tags and set the date of modifying a photo as the date it was taken.


Charles Welling

17-Aug-2015 08:10

I upgraded my Win8.1 system to Win10 and I agree with Bert: this is certainly not an improvement. On the contrary. The only things that are obvious is that Windows seems to take complete control over whatever you want to do. My PC looked like a smartphone and I have been busy for hours trying to get rid of the most annoying things.
After that I rolled back to 8.1 and that's when the real trouble started. Win8 kept downloading Win10 and there was no way to stop it besides killing the updating process entirely.

Finally I had to reinstall Win8 after which more trouble started, again in the updates. The CPU was constantly 50% or more due to a looping update process (Windows modules installer).
All kinds of forums told me I wasn't the only one experiencing this problem. I've shut down updates again so that I'm able to work.

So, save yourselves a lot of trouble and don't touch Win10!


17-Aug-2015 17:35

I've made it: my first pc is to W10. Thanks to the free Classic Shell that saved this all for me. Normal working start menu again!
However, without detailed Windows knowledge, you take a big risk upgrading to 10. Most significant: got read/write problems because corrupted file permissions after the upgrade (Cardbox has also trouble because that). When that was solved, I could try to find my privacy back again.
Now testing testing testing.
Cardbox works ok! (also HTA files are working).


19-Aug-2015 08:14

I attempted to realign my data in the format file and found when I attempted to save the adjusted format that a notification appeared to say I had overlapping. I was unable to find any overlapping but did not save the format file. In view of the major trouble with photographs and now finding a false overlapping report I rolled back to Win 7. The format now has returned to alignment and does not give any warnings of overlapping. I await to see when I down load new photos whether they are re-dated. But i am concerned if these basic errors are occurring what other errors are there which are not so obvious and may not immediately appear.


19-Aug-2015 09:35

I'm interested which fonts you use in that format. In fields, but also the generic font (see format properties, appearance).
It could be that a font you used not available is in W10. An alternative font is then used by Cardbox which could have a little different properties.
Mostly is it no problem to save a format after the overlap warning. Only, check if all things you want to see, indeed are showed on the screen.


19-Aug-2015 11:57

To David,
about overlapping:
try the Zoom-in button in the format file. This way it's easier to trace an overlap


19-Aug-2015 12:15

(...) but this way also reports in a lot of cases false overlap messages.


19-Aug-2015 12:27

I use Arial font in both. I thought it might be something to do with fonts used by win 10 but could not understand why it should give a false overlap report.

Ed Steele

17-Nov-2015 15:21

Hello, I have just installed Windows 10 - Cardbox all works but it crashed a lot. I have been told this could be the DDE or Dynamic Data Exchange. If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it.
Kind regards


17-Nov-2015 16:20

Please, write what you do when it crashes and the exact error message.
Check also other applications. This because when windows 10 itself right has installed, Cardbox run without a problem. Check especially hardware drivers etc!

Ed Steele

23-Nov-2015 11:10

Hi Bert, thanks for your reply.
It crashes when I switch between databases and when I try to open a word document via cardbox. Although all this does work too which is encouraging, but then it suddenly crashes. I have not had a error message yet, it just stops working and I have to close the programme down. I will keep you posted as my new cardbox guru is coming in on Wednesday to have a look.


27-Jan-2016 19:00

Is it possible to use Cardbox on a Windows 10 tablet, like Microsoft Lumia 550? I consider to buy one. Has someone experience with it?



27-Jan-2016 19:45

No, not possible as well as most other Windows software.
Tablets are designed for (Windows) apps and cloud things.
Cardbox is designed for a Windows PC. Not for (perhaps nice) toys ;-)


28-Jan-2016 07:58

Perhaps it is good to add these things:
- I have no experience with it (and will not get this: my databases are too large);
- Windows phone seems to have not enough memory fore Cardbox Client;
- Surface Pro tablets can **virtual** run Windows software. That means to me that you can run Cardbox (or whatever) on it using Remote Desktop. In fact you cannot run it locally on the tablet, but you have to run it on an other computer which you approach by Remote Desktop. That is what I read about it.
Perhaps nice to read this:


28-Jan-2016 08:55

Just read surface 3 + 4 are (Intel) alternatives for a notebook. So in that case it seems possible to install Windows software/Cardbox.
However, no reviews about PhotoShop running on such a thing or so.
It is strange to find out there is almost no information about this subject.


28-Jan-2016 10:39

I started with Cardbox before Windows! It's a great pity it has not been updated. However I recently purchased a Windows Pro Surface with MS10, was disappointed with the machine but Cardbox worked fine. I am not a techie. The MS machine was given to others and I now have the new Dell laptop, 12.5" screen, very light, 10hrs at least and with no bezzel as such, small. Cardbox works fine. MG

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