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Display SelectionLevel on screen

Display SelectionLevel on screen

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9-Aug-2015 22:58

I have searched within the manual and forum, but cannot find out how to display the current selection level within a record somewhere (in large print easily seen). I know this is displayed on the taskbar below, but this is rather small and for some of my users hard to see - thus the requirement for a larger display.
I have tried using a mergeblock with {*SelectionLevel} but this generates an error (command does not exist i suppose, whereas {*Record} works.

Any help appreciated!


10-Aug-2015 09:31

You mention two things:
= Selection Level larger on the screen
= Selection Level in a print.

The selection level on the screen in that status bar uses a standard Windows font. If this is to small on your screen, then I suppose that in all used programs the status bar is showed too small? In that case, change the Windows font in the task bar by using the right theme etc.

Selection Level in a print you can use a macro. That can add the selection level in your print. Add a merge block with merge block tag {*ID} and fill this tag in your macro-print command. The selection level you can get by one line in your macro:
sellevel = "Selection Level=" & Selection Level

Indeed it is a pity that the merge block cannot do this for you. I had a several ideas for adding tags in the merge block (content of scrap fields, properties of images (EXIF!) and or files(names), content of an external text file, start printing it on a add/even age, etc ect). It is very a pity that all this was blocked by the Cardbox development stop.

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