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Problems with Format file

One aspect of a format file no longer working

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3-Aug-2015 11:41

We run a 5 user system with each user sharing a common database and a common format file.
Four users are running satisfactorily.
For each record the format shows an associated embedded Word file that is underlined. By clicking on it, it normally opens the embedded file immediately.
For one user the file is no longer underlined and so he cannot open it.
We are running Cardbox 3 build 4251. The only change for this user is that his pc was recently upgraded and although Cardbox appears to function ok, this aspect has ceased to work. Why would the upgrade cause a problem? Do we need to download the latest build of Cardbox?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


3-Aug-2015 12:21

It could be such a very old build cannot work right with a recent OS. Very much issues and bugs are removed since that build. Why not use the latest build?
It's free...! So, try that first.


3-Aug-2015 12:22

Does the new PC definitely have Word installed correctly?
If you right click the embedded file can you save the file and then open it from within Word?


3-Aug-2015 13:38

Is the Word document definitely embedded or is it a link to a Word document so starts with file:// ? It sounds like the new PC hasn't had the network drive mapped correctly.


3-Aug-2015 14:18

Never use file://, but only file:
The slashes can cause problems in some situations.


3-Aug-2015 14:20

Same link: what happens if you copy and paste same link to the windows Run command line?
If there it does not work, then also Cardbox cannot run it. Then it is a windows issue.
What happens if you paste such a link into a word doc?

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