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Sharing .fmt file

Can separate .fil data files be used with one common .fmt file?

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3-Aug-2015 09:44

I run several different database .fil files for keeping records of my customers, but they are all currently being used with separate format files.... It now makes more sense for me to use the same format for all the database files, can this be shared as a common file or do i have to continue using separate ones....?

the problem I have is that If I need to make a change to my format file, and any template within that file, I have to repeat the process like four times!!




3-Aug-2015 10:25

Format files cannot be shared between several databases.
If you have several databases using identical format files, my question is: "why is it not one database?" You must have very special reasons to work like this.

However, of course there is a way to comfort: when the databases are opened using Cardbox Server, you can download a format file and save it as the name you want. However, if a database is open, you cannot overwrite a format file. For that you need the upload function of Cardbox Client, which only can be used if you have added profiles.
This job complete can be done by a macro.


3-Aug-2015 13:58

I have customer in different areas, that are serviced by different staff so, keeping them on a seperate database avoids confusion... is there a way of them being on the same .fil but being seperated?


Charles Welling

4-Aug-2015 10:53

Olly, you might ask yourself if there really is a need to keep the information separated. You might tell the staff that they should select the appropriate area before making any changes or selections. A macro that is run when a record is saved may check whether a user hasn't made any mistakes. But that's another story and not an answer to your question.

That answer is "yes". If you have four separate databases with identical fields, you may create another database that contains all those fields four times. So, instead of NAME in four databases you have NAME1, NAME2, NAME3, NAME4 in a single database etc.
Then create views (view1, view2, view3, view4 or something like that) that only contain the corresponding fields: view1 contains NAME1, ADDRESS1 etc.
Divide your staff into groups 1-4 and make only view1 visible to group1, view2 to group2 etc.

When anyone of group1 logs in to the database, Cardbox will show only view1, that contains only the fields that concern group1.
The same goes for the other groups. Each and every member of the staff will only see their own fields, even if those fields are all together in a single database.

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