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Passworded file

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3-Aug-2015 04:29

Dear Bert, I am revisiting the topic that I raised before. I used to use a Card Index application called "Buttonfile", unfortunately this will no longer run on Windows 7, so I have come to Cardbox. In Buttonfile I had several databases all being open to use by all. I then had a staff Database which was passworded to open.

I am trying to recreate this situation with Cardbox Server, i.e the Staff file requiring a password before opening and the normal "Contacts" database being open to all users with no password.

I have read the manuals as you suggest but really cannot grasp what I have to do to achieve this.

Where am I going wrong, can anyone help?


3-Aug-2015 07:22


Open the file(s) as the Master Profile and set up the Profile of each user. You get the option there of setting their password (or not).


3-Aug-2015 09:58

Indeed, you need to setup profiles.
However, it is not possible to enter a password protected database, which gives you also rights in other protected databases.

There is a look-like possibility.

First you have to protect all databases by profiles/passwords.

Then on one pc:
- Start Cardbox
- Open all (and only) your password protected databases you need for this applications. You have to enter the passwords.
- If all databases are opened then make a new workspace for this situation (file-workspace-new-give-it a good name).
- Then protect this workspace by a password.
- Make a short cut for it on your desktop and/or start menu, you will see the option, read the screen!
- Ok, then close Cardbox program while all databases you want to use are open in your window (so, do not close databases first, but close Cardbox directly).
- You have made then a password protected workspace file, which also contains the passwords of the databases.
- Make then the workspace file you did make read-only (right mouse click on it in Windows Explorer). - Be aware: making the shortcut read-only is not the right action.
- You can re-open this workspace by clicking the short cut. Enter the WORKSPACE password. In network situations, with databases opened using Cardbox Server, you can also copy the workspace file to other workstations. That works smart.

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