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Data entry automation with dates

I need help linking specific dates entered to specific worksheets

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9-Jul-2015 11:12

I am trying to make it easier to enter expenses into worksheet by running a private macro upon opening of the worksheet. The first inputbox will ask the user for the date of the transaction. I want the macro to be able to recognize the date and enter the information into the correct cell in the corresponding worksheet (January, February, March...). From there, once the information is being entered in the correct sheet, I want to ask for other information that should be entered next to the date cell.

I can figure out the inputboxes but I don't know how, or if I can, have the macro recognize the date and automatically link to a specific worksheet.

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!!


9-Jul-2015 11:37

Amazing such a question on a non-Excel forum. I can encourage you to read, read, read, and again, to read. In the Excel Help by example, and also reading something of a forum before quering it.

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