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Cardbox Mobile Phone App

Cardbox mobile phone app

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Roger S

15-Jun-2015 19:53

Is there one?


15-Jun-2015 20:51

No. However, I know a person who has done first steps on this path (he got a list of fields in his source...).
And what do you expect of a Cardbox app? A phone Cardbox client? I think that will be impossible. You have to strip most its functionality. The question: which...?
On this moment the most effective way get Cardbox content on your phone is making an web application using asp or cardweb. Make the html as you like to get it on your phone. I think this cheap to to do this. Building an app will take much more expensive hours.


18-Jun-2015 09:24

Why at least cannot there be an app for a Windows phone?


18-Jun-2015 10:37

If Cardbox widely and frequent was used in the world, commercial development could be possible perhaps.
However, the irresistible need of people for changing to, what they often call better software, has blocked further development of even Cardbox itself. I have a list with more then 100 wished improvements for Cardbox itself. It will never be honoured I think....
So I think it is daydreaming to think about phone apps.
If you see a case: feel free to develop it!
But why not choose a short way to app by a browser. All available free and one app for all platforms...!


7-Jul-2016 18:59

Hi all,

This week a test version is released of a mobile query tool for Cardbox databases.
It is a simple down to earth system that makes it possible to query all your Cardbox databases on your phone or tablet.

Some properties:
- Every database has same simple down to earth interface;
- The search result is showed as a table;
- Images are supported. In the search result screen as a thumbnails, but clicked on the image, you can browse throw full size images;
- If there is a field called EMAIL, the content of that field is treated as an email link (like "mailto:" in a caption);
- If there is in a field a http:// address, this is showed in the search result a click-able link;
- Radiobuttons, checkboxes or dropdownlists are showed as checkboxes;
- Searching is just as typing a Cardbox search line. That also means Boolean search is as much as possible supported (space = AND, OR is a comma).
- Fields with index switched off: automatic data search is used.
- For easy search: click on a field name. You will see the listindex of that field with click ready terms;
- Because the search results are showed in your mobile browser, your screen content can be enlarged if needed (that feature you miss in many apps...);
- If you add a database to your Cardbox Server, it is automatic added in the web interface without any additional configuration.
- It uses a special format in your Cardbox Database which makes possible choosing which fields (and in which sequence) you want to show in your "mobile Cardbox".
- It is just for querying.

Future properties:
- A simple password protection will be added in future (in connection with a user profile of course).
- Tagging of records is in de demo not present. However, if there is a special field with a record counter present, Tagging of records can be added.
- If there is really interest, a simple edit version can be developed. In that case some extra fields are needed for that in your database.

What is needed for get such a thing working on your network (or internet):
- A working MS IIS (the Windows web server which is in present in most Windows versions;
- Adding some minor configuration settings if your IIS server;
- Cardbox Server running with database(s) preferred on same machine as IIS. Cardbox Server itself does not need approach from or to Internet;
- An asp script must have rights to read the Cardbox Server.ini file.
- On the IIS server a (free) Cardbox Client must be installed;
- On this moment: 7 asp script files for get this all working.

If your are interested: some Cardbox sample databases are running as a demo now. Also a copy of the Dutch Trains database of Bert Stortenbeker is in that demo. In some cases: be a little patient. It runs on a very simple demo server. It is just demo. On a normal server it is flashing..
You can find it here: http://stortenbeker.eu/sample. Try the field-links for easy finding in a database!

If you say: that is what I need! Please contact then cardbox@outlook.com.

Finally: Please have attention this is NOT a Cardbox.com development.
It is a just tool which can give your Cardbox databases a new dimension. Developed by Bert Stortenbeker.
Kind Regards

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