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Compatible marketing software?

Does anyone use compatible bulk emailing/marketing software?

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15-Jun-2015 10:51

Before I try and look for something which doesn't exist... I wondered whether anyone has found any bulk emailing tools, like MailChimp or DotMailer which are compatible and integrate with Cardbox? They all the facility to import spreadsheets which I can export from Cardbox, but the information I get back from the tool I would then have to update in Cardbox manually. I suspect we would have to be using a newer database or CRM .

Thanks in advance


15-Jun-2015 20:04

Bulk Email tool:
Cardbox you can use for this if you can send direct to an SMTP email server without an email program. Cardbox itself can send plain text email. Exact as you want/like. Using a macro you can also add attachments to this plain text email.
Also you can send personalised bulk html email by Cardbox. However, the best way to do this, is using a macro. Images needs a special approach sending html email - you see that in every bulk mail... If you you it right, any recipient can see the images, even on Apple etc. Just used it last weekend again!
MailChimp or DotMailer:
If Cardbox can work together with MailChimp or DotMailer: I do not know. I think not. I do not need them because Cardbox can do that jobs.
A new system:
If you like a new system, do not use Cardbox. It is old, stable and young enough to run perfect, also in windows 10.
My suggestions:
Sending plain text bulk email without attachments: read the Cardbox manual.
Sending plain text or HTML bulk email: make email specs (how is your email look like), then make a macro. If you cannot do this your self: find someone who it will make it for you. That macro must be suitable for your situation/type of sending email. If needed: I can help to find some one ;-).
Do not think you will find software that is comparable with Cardbox. It does not exist. It is only the question: is Cardbox (to make) suitable for your situation. My experience tells me: the free software fits in a lot of situations. Often is spend much money for poor solutions. By buying some help for your Cardbox application you can be much cheaper than buying hype-software that will disappoint you sooner or later because it cannot change..., it does....


16-Jun-2015 09:16

We are aware of the bulk email tool inbuilt with Cardbox, but cannot use it for the vast number of emails we want to send. We have already tried. We have been told that we will be blacklisted if we send it all from our server, so this is not an option for us.

I know that MailChimp and DotMailer don't work, hence asking for something similar to them which has the functionality I'm looking for.

Investing in new software doesn't solve the problem either - it's like someone asking if you can help fix their PC only to be told to buy a Mac.

Thank you for your input.



16-Jun-2015 10:34

Hi Tina,

If sending from Cardbox using your own server is your preferred option, you can set up an account with a white-listed email delivery company. Examples are SMTP.COM and AuthSMTP.com You pay per email to have your emails directed through their servers. Their only function is to maintain IP addresses with the best reputation on the internet and maximise delivery of your emails. They will vet you and if accepted, your emails will benefit from their reputation. If you are sending a decent number of emails, they will give you your own fixed IP with them. If it is a low volume you will be sharing a fixed IP with others. Should the reputation of your own or a shared IP address fall below a certain threshold, their software automatically switches traffic to one of their other IPs with a top reputation. This system doesn't "hide" you from receiving servers but gives you some protection as IP reputations can change rapidly, hour by hour.

Hope this helps,



16-Jun-2015 11:24

In fact your question is: you are afraid for blacklisting by sending bulk mail from Cardbox.
In that case my first step would be: contact the one you give you your ip address and listen what they have to say about this.
Btw: I have helped several customers with sending bulk email by Cardbox. Never met the problem of blacklisting. Perhaps the content of the mail is also a matter in this (adding b.e valid way of stop a subscribtion the email etc). Perhaps is also sending this question to Cardbox Support an idea: this email is also bulk email...


16-Jun-2015 13:20

Thank you, Paul.

The issue is not that I cannot send emails; there are plenty of companies who can do this for me either for free or for a small fee. The original problem I posted about what that I need to identify whether there is a system where the information we get back from the mailshot does not need to be manually input, i.e. compatible with Cardbox. Even if we sent a mailshot from Cardbox we would still need to input the data.

Bert, are you based in the UK? I am finding it hard to understand some of what you have said. Our IT Support department are the ones who have warned about blacklisting - we already spoke to them about it because our server would not send such a large number of emails at once. It has nothing to do with email content.


16-Jun-2015 14:26

I live in NL. You can also mail direct with questions on cardbox%%%outlook.com. Replace %%% with usual character.

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